DSLR Cameras For Everyone

DSLR Cameras For Everyone

If you are interested in professional-grade photography, DSLR’s are the choice for the job. Like other camera equipment, you can spend as much as you want on these types of cameras but quite a few are more than affordable. A DSLR’s price usually just includes the body of the camera, but some come in package deals with lenses. Most DSLR’s can be used in tandem with gimbals, with a few minor exeptions. Here is a list of the top 5 best DSLR’s to buy in 2017.
Nikon D7200 DX ($1,200)-

Using Nikon’s excellent 24-megapixel APS-C format sensor with no anti-aliasing filter, it produces some of the sharpest images you’ll see outside of professional full-frame cameras. It can shoot at 6 frames per second for up to 100 JPEG photos or 27 raw files, and it uses a tried-and-tested 51-point auto focus system that offers a range of advanced features. Additionally it comes packed with a 24.2 MP sensor which is extremely high quality. This specific package comes with an included lens.
Canon EOS 7D Mark II Body Only ($1,500)-

Bringing 10fps shooting and a professional auto focus system to the amateur market, the EOS 7D Mark II is great for beginner to amateur photographers. It comes with a 20.2 MP sensor and it’s tough, with an alloy body and weather-sealed controls, it has a great sensor with an advanced dual-pixel hybrid auto focus system, and it’s a powerful video camera too that can be used quite well with a gimbal.
Nikon D500 DX Body Only ($1,700)-

A brilliant all-rounder, it excels at fast action like sports and wildlife photography, but still has the chops to shoot landscapes and portraits. Nikon has taken their flagship D5 DSLR and most of its high-end features and distilled all of this into a smaller, but still very durable metal body. The full-frame sensor is replaced by an 20.9MP chip.
Canon EOS 5DS Body Only ($3,900)-

50.6 million effective pixels, the 5DS is by far the highest resolution full-frame DSLR on the market. The 5DS is now the benchmark for full-frame image quality, but it’s not quite perfect. There’s no Wi-Fi or Ultra HD video recording, and huge image file sizes necessitate decent memory cards and a fast computer. The camera has fantastic detail and has amazing color depth. The camera has a retail MSRP of $3500 but there is a specific one that can be found on amazon at $3,900.
Nikon D750 FX Camera Body ($1,500)-

Look no further than the 24MP full-frame D750, with a fast 6.5fps continuous shooting speed, a handy tilting screen this camera is nearly a steal at it’s price. It is also a very versatile camera for videography and it can be used in hand with a gimbal. The camera fills it’s role as an action shot camera very well.

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