SmallRig Camera Cage Review

SmallRig Camera Cage Review


I recently bought a Small Rig camera cage for my Nikon D7000. Basically, a small rig allows the user to attach handles, tripod quick mounts, mics, lights and many other accessories very easily. This all comes in a very small package (a small metal cage around the camera). Personally, I put together a rig that holds my camera, a handle and a mic. Additionally the rig is not specific to my camera; if I were to move to a different camera, the rig would most likely fit. My specific rig- the SmallRig 1584– fits small to medium sized DSLR format cameras.

Sony A7R SmallRig Cage with Handle

Why a SmallRig?

Why would you want to use a small rig?

A rig offers more customizability for your video setup while coming in at a cheap price (the base rig cage for my camera was $75). Additionally, the cage offers drop protection for your valuable camera.

How does the rig help with videography?

The versatility of the SmallRig allows you to perform a wide range of operations much easier than just a base camera setup. Low shots are made easier with attachable handles; more than one cold shoe mount can be attached to allow lights and a mic to be attached at the same time. Additionally, the cage widens the breadth of the camera to allow a more stable grip when shooting, this in turn creates more stable and more controlled shots.

Are there any Cons to the SmallRig?

In total, the Pros of the SmallRig outweigh the Cons. But, since this is a product review, the Cons must be listed; and as a reviewer I could only find one Con to the SmallRig. SIZE is the one Con to the SmallRig; the rig adds more functionality to your camera, but with functionality comes weight and volume. But this was the only downside seen to the SmallRig and the functionality and the customizability significantly outweigh this one downside.

So What?

Should you buy a Rig for your camera? Yes, you should no doubt. If you have the need for smoother shots as well as the need for lighting mounts and mics this Rig is a MUST and is a great addition to your camera setup. With the added protection of the Rig, a haphazard camera drop can be mitigated more easily.

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